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Keep up-to-date on the latest vision-related news and eye care events in our Practice.

Nutritional Changes To Enhance Women’s Eye Health

Understanding the unique challenges women face at various life stages — such as pregnancy and menopause — this blog highlights the critical nutrients necessary for maintaining optimal vision health.

Eye Health and Mental Health: Seeing the Bigger Picture

Our eye care team explores the intricate relationship between eye health and mental well-being, highlighting how vision problems and eye discomfort can affect mental health. It discusses common conditions like eye allergies and dry eye, proposing daily contact lenses as a solution and emphasizing the importance of a holistic care approach.

Embracing Technology: A New Era in Managing Low Vision

In honor of Macular Degeneration Awareness Month, we explore the transformative impact of technology on managing low vision. These tech innovations offer newfound independence and improved quality of life for those with this condition.

Understanding Glaucoma and Genetics

January is Glaucoma Awareness Month, a time when we emphasize the significance of recognizing and addressing glaucoma, a stealthy eye condition with the potential to compromise your vision. Often symptomless until advanced stages, glaucoma demands attention and proactive care. Our skilled optometry team is here to raise awareness about this...

Current Glaucoma Treatment Options

January is National Glaucoma Awareness Month Glaucoma affects between 3 and 4 million Americans and is the number two cause of preventable blindness worldwide. About 50% of patients with glaucoma are currently undiagnosed. It is sobering to think about how many of you reading this article right now currently have...

You’re Never Too Old to Try Contacts!

Are you one of those people who tried contacts in the past, but had no luck? Perhaps you found them dry and uncomfortable, or your allergies made them impossible to wear?  Maybe you were unable to see as clearly compared to your glasses, or you never needed glasses but now...

The Importance of Eye Exams for Contact Lenses

Contact lenses that don’t fit properly can cause discomfort and even eye damage. During a contact lens exam, your eye doctor will perform various tests to ensure you get the right prescription and the proper fit.

Protect Your Eyes From Vision Loss: Diabetes Awareness Month

Diabetic retinopathy is a potentially sight-threatening condition caused by high blood sugar levels in diabetics. Fortunately, your eye doctor can advise on how to manage and reduce the risk of developing it.

New To Contact Lenses? Here Are Our Top 5 Tips!

If you or your child is new to wearing contact lenses, read our Top 5 Tips to make the adjustment easier.

5 Reasons To Wear Sunglasses In The Fall

Sunglasses aren’t just for summer. Why not, you ask? Read on to find out why sunglasses are just as much “fall wear” as jackets are.

The Best Foods for Your Eyes

Consuming certain vitamins and nutrients can support your eye health and potentially ward off serious eye diseases and conditions. Read on to find out more!

How To Prevent “Mask Fog” on Your Glasses

If you wear glasses and a face mask, you’ve probably struggled with “mask fog.”  Your lenses get all misty, requiring you to wipe your eyewear throughout the day. Below are a few strategies to help you prevent your eyeglasses from fogging up when wearing a mask. But First, Why Do...

Why You Regularly Need to Replace Your Sunglasses

To get maximal eye protection from your sunglasses, consider replacing them every two years, according to a study conducted in Brazil. Over time, protective UV coatings become less effective.

6 Signs You May Need Glasses

Many people don't realize they have a vision problem. Perhaps they've gone years without glasses and haven't noticed the gradual change in their vision. Or they’ve noticed a change, but put off a visit to an eye doctor. Regardless of whether you’re experiencing problems, make an appointment with Joshua Lange,...