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Made me feel right at home

I brought in my glasses for repair on Friday, and Stewart fixed them and did not charge a dime. While he was repairing my glasses , he offered you coffee and water while i waited. Two other people also greeted me to make sure i had been helped, a lady with short hair and a thin woman. I was so impressed and will be back for an eye exam when i am due, because it was busy and I didn’t have much time. But despite being so busy, everyone still made me feel right at home. I already told my friends about how wonderful the people are here and they will be going in for their own needs. Thank you once again, Stewart for being so patient and kind. And thank you Evelyn for making sure I had all my questions answered.

- C. Najera, Greenway-Galleria

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To our Greenway Plaza patients,

We want you to know that our offices are here for you during these uncertain times.   Though the Greenway Plaza location is temporarily closed, as an essential service provider in our communities, we will continue to serve any of our patients at our Willowbrook and Deerbrook locations.  To ease the burden on the system, we would advise patients to avoid hospitals/urgent care for red-eye issues.  Patients unable to present for services in-person can call for assistance and we are available to take contact lens orders over the phone.  Our Greenway location will resume services as soon as possible, but we are happy to provide service at our Willowbrook and Deerbrook locations if assistance is needed sooner.

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