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They Were All Given Sight in Tanzania Last Week!

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Dear Dr. Nasser,

I would like to share a personal story with all Vision Source doctors that I had with Dr. Moes Nasser during the launch of the Lake Zone Roshanali Nasser Outreach Project in Tanzania. It reflects the impact we can have when we show compassion in helping others.

“I am a human being!” said Sosteneis in his native Swahili. He is the older man beaming above and he said this as Moes fitted him for his first pair of glasses. I must tell you, it brought tears to my eyes. We not only helped this man to regain his sight, but also his dignity and hope.

All those pictured above and more were given the Gift of Vision just last week during the launch of an outreach project supported by Optometry Giving Sight. Over 2,000 individuals received eye exams over the course of several days. Many had never seen an optometrist, including children, teachers, parents, farmers and villagers who accessed vision care for the first time in their lives.


Eric Anderson and Dr. Moes Nasser

Eric Anderson and Dr. Moes Nasser

In Moes own words, “This was my 10th year providing eye care in Tanzania, my native home, and it was very special. This new project, named after my late father, filled me with emotions. He was passionate about Tanzania, particularly this region. My goal is to institutionalize this project. I would like to thank the many supporters and well-wishers, especially Optometry Giving Sight for making this happen.”

This was all made possible thanks to people like you who support Optometry Giving Sight and help bring access to vision care where none existed before.

Every $5 of your contribution will Give Sight and Hope to someone who is desperately in need. Everyone wants to be able to see. Everyone deserves to see. Everyone should feel like a human being.

Please make your contribution to the World Sight Day Challenge today to support others in need like Sosteneis in Tanzania!

Eric Anderson

Head of Development, USA

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To our Greenway Plaza patients,

We want you to know that our offices are here for you during these uncertain times.   Though the Greenway Plaza location is temporarily closed, as an essential service provider in our communities, we will continue to serve any of our patients at our Willowbrook and Deerbrook locations.  To ease the burden on the system, we would advise patients to avoid hospitals/urgent care for red-eye issues.  Patients unable to present for services in-person can call for assistance and we are available to take contact lens orders over the phone.  Our Greenway location will resume services as soon as possible, but we are happy to provide service at our Willowbrook and Deerbrook locations if assistance is needed sooner.

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