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We are pleased to announce that all three of our Vision Source locations will be reopening for service during the week of May 4th, 2020.

During this difficult time, we have made adjustments to our services to ensure the health and safety of your patients, our staff, and our Doctors. Click here to read more.

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Houston’s Dry Eye Experts


“Dry Eye” is a term used to describe a group of conditions that cause irritation and damage to the ocular surface. There are many different forms of dry eye, each with a unique cause. Millions of Americans are suffering with dry eye, but relief is available! Our dry eye experts have the tools, knowledge, and training to diagnose and treat all forms of dry eye.


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A thorough evaluation of all layers of the tear film is needed to properly diagnose the type of dry eye you suffer with.

Infrared imaging of the eyelids are used to assess the health and structure of the oil glands needed to provide healthy tears.

Cleansing procedure used to exfoliate the glands within the eyelids, helping to release healthy oils and remove bacterial biofilms that often cause clogs and damage to the glands.

A small implantable medical device, used to slow the drainage of tears from the surface of the eye to provide a thicker, longer-lasting tear film.

Scleral shells are large-diameter, gas-permeable contact lenses custom-made for your eyes. They are designed to hold a fluid reservoir against the surface of the eye to retain moisture, and act as a shield to the ocular surface preventing damage from dryness.

Graft tissue is applied to the surface of the eye to stimulate stem cell activity and promote healing. This therapy has been proven effective for severe ocular surface damage and non-healing corneal defects secondary to dry eye.

Medications may be used temporarily to reduce ocular surface inflammation and promote healing, or long-term to improve the quality of the tear film produced.

LipiFlow is the only FDA approved procedure used to release lipids from clogged oil glands within the eyelids, for patients with dry eye secondary to meibomian gland dysfunction.


From bandage lenses, to autologous serum, to compounded medications; Our specialists will create treatment plans custom-tailored to you!


Meet Our
Dry Eye Specialists

Meet Our
Dry Eye Specialists


Moes R. Nasser,


Joshua Lange,


Amy Parker,


David Jacobson,


Jennifer Vuong,


Mary Shatleh,


Poly De La Garza,



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Tear Film Evaluation

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We are pleased to announce that all three of our Vision Source locations will be reopening for service during the week of May 4th, 2020.

During this difficult time, we have made adjustments to our services to ensure the health and safety of your patients, our staff, and our Doctors.

For the Protection of Our Patients, we have implemented the following procedures in our clinics:

Limited Appointment Scheduling - in order to ensure we are able to properly disinfect and adhere to Social Distancing Guidelines set forth by our local authority.  Certainly, urgent and emergency patients will be prioritized.

Fever Free Environment - Temperatures will be taken upon entering the clinic of all patients, staff, and doctors.  Anyone with 99.5 degrees or higher will be asked to reschedule.  Anyone who is taking a fever-reducing medication such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen will be asked to reschedule once the medication is clear from their system so we can be sure of an accurate temperature reading.

Pre-Screening Questionnaire - We will continue to ask any patient with URI symptoms to reschedule their appointment until they have been asymptomatic for 3 days or have a negative COVID test.

Face Covering - We are requiring everyone entering our clinics to wear some type of facial covering such as a homemade mask, scarf, bandana, or handkerchief.

Wash hands and sanitize - Upon entering the office, everyone will be asked to sanitize their hands.  Additionally, we will request they sanitize their hands before re-entering the business area.

All Vision Source staff with direct patient contact will be required to wear a mask.

Social Distancing - We are limiting the number of patients in our office and are asking, when possible, only the patient enters our clinics for their visit.  Please ask the person with your patient to stay in their car.  We can text them if they need their assistance.

When scheduling patients, we will be:

  1. Asking them if they have been diagnosed with COVID or been in contact with someone who has been diagnosed with COVID.  In those cases, we will postpone seeing the patient unless emergent.
  2. We will ask if they have any current symptoms of COVID.
  3. They will be notified that upon arrival to our office they will have their temperature taken.
  4. We will ask the patients NOT to bring family members with them into the office and we ask patients to wait in the car until they are called inside for their appointment.
  5. We will ask the patient to bring their own mask or face covering.  All of our doctors and any staff who will have direct patient contact will be masked.

Thank you for your support and understanding during these unprecedented times.

Please stay safe and healthy.

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